Sonna Olson

Singer, lyricist

Sonna began her musical career in northern Minnesota playing the college circuit with her sister, Lorene in the band Source. They renamed the band Sabre and toured the midwest for several years playing six nights a week. Sonna fronted the Personna around the twin cities area in the 1980's. While in the cities, Sonna started to get back-up vocal gigs and studio demo work with local songwriters. At this time she began playing with the R&B band, The Loadings in the 90's. Her next project was a duo called Amethyst. A few years ago Sonna , her sister and brother-in-law began performing original theatrical show songs around the Duluth area in a trio called Sisters Of Song. Sonna's commercial credits include jingles and voice-overs for Deluxe Corp, Kia, County Markets, and Slumberland.

Ross Wiliiam Perry

Guitar, Singer, Song Writer

Ross William Perry, a gifted singer/songwriter/guitarist, has been doing his homework since the tender age of four and it shows. Focused on a lifetime of playing his music, Ross has been a rising star on the Midwest Blues scene since graduating high school in ’98.  Blending his Blues, Rock and Jazz influences, Ross has created a sound that is distinctively his own and never fails to impress."

John Garden Bass Player Singer Song writer

John Garden

Bass, Singer, Song Writer

John is a standing member of the Midwest Music Hall of Fame. He was one of the founders of the Twin Cities band Raggs and the founder of the legendary Rhythm Roosters, a Twin Cities R&B combo that features John's award winning original songs. John is a highly respected bass player, an award winning songwriter as well as an all around nice guy.  And he's still standing...

John also lends his songwriting to the New Feral Cats funk!

Mick Zampogna

Accordion, Organ, Piano

Mick Zampogna is a seasoned keyboard player who has performed with artists from the east coast to Minneapolis.  His style is heavily influenced with 10 years of performing in Detroit clubs absorbing Motown soul and a mixture of music from Chicago to New Orleans.  Mick has taken these varied regional styles and over the years has developed a New Orleans blend of Jazz, Blues and Funk.  Early artists such as Fats Domino and Professor Longhair can be heard in his style.

Nick Zwack Drummer Twin Cities

Nick Zwack


Nick found his passion for drumming in grade school when the most rhythmic Catholic nuns in Dubuque, Iowa schooled him in the ways of 4/4. Nick cut his drum chops marching in the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps and rocking his first drum kit at the age of 11. Versed in Funk, R&B, Blues and Rock, Nick slides effortlessly between complex drum rhythms all the while keeping the groove going. Since calling Minneapolis home, Nick has kept busy with such bands as Fire Rose, Ross William Perry, The Roosters, Squishy Mud, Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea, Full Moon, Out of the Blue, Michael James & The Headliners, Armadillo Jump, Ronn Easton's All Star Review and Big Bob and the High Rollers.